Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who, What, Where ...

ever feel like you're not sure whether you're coming or going ? or even why you continue doing all the things that seemed so important when you started and now simply don't .. 

all that time gone, all that energy spent and yet somehow, you feel like you haven't moved at all... like a fly suspended in amber.

sure, you may have more things; wealth, homes, status and so many friends... now you are "somebody" .. yet, somehow, you wonder... does anyone know the real me?  do i ?

in truth, who am i ?
what did i really want out of life ? did i find it or did i try to obscure it with my self-imposed value system on the things that i did find instead ? 
did i look in the right places... did i even know where to look for what i did not know i wanted through this  person called "me" whom i do not even know ?

wow - what a mess !

but that's not me, you say. what's the touchstone ? it's really very simple... are you happy? not a sometimes happy, not a "i'm in a good mood" happy - the happy, blissful, continuous peace that you long for but are painfully aware you lack.

now, naturally, the question presents itself.. so where do i go from here ?

well, as with most pursuits that have gone off-track... you need to go back to the basics ! re-visit the Who? What? Where? and if the search is sincere, the How? will present itself...

life has a way of presenting crossroads... which path you choose to take is yours alone...

live well.