Monday, July 16, 2012


i have written my perception on various thoughts i have read and the primary reason i write is so that I will not forget.

reading a sentence somewhere may start a chain reaction which may link passages in other texts and thus i have a train of thought in that instant - but it may slowly fade away like the morning mist; so i try and put it down and give myself the opportunity to review it later and perhaps add a further link into that chain.

reading an "explanation", however, does not remove ignorance. things are still exactly the same after simply reading an explanation. 

and what is ignorance ? is it not just our own apathy towards facing the truth. i have no ignorance of hunger - i know the condition completely and have learnt how to conquer this state of being. so ignorance is not "i have not been taught" but rather "i am turning away from learning"

life is always presenting us with the opportunity to learn. choosing not to do so is ignorance.

all this, of course, happens within the frame work of time and since i am not outside the time stream, i must float along - sometimes right at the very top and sometimes, drudging the muddy bottom.

one must be vigilant, for change is perpetually ongoing. never use "time" as an excuse.  if you know its nature, apply it as an opportunity to be prepared for when the change comes. hence, removing this ignorance is ultimately in your own best interest and while it is natural to do so for primarily material gain, those who are floating at the top of that stream always seem be gazing out at the horizon... what are they looking for ? don't they have it all ? who can explain it to them ?

even then it is not too late. time thrusts forward unceasingly - it is never ever too late.
once you recognize a state of non-comprehension of the "how & why", muster up your courage and seek out the answers. this must be done by you and for  you for none can learn for you. lift your veil of ignorance with the strength of your own wisdom.

understanding of what is True ( That which is not subject to "Time" ) is the slow flame that cooks us to perfection so that we may emerge forth as the delicacy that nature intended : all the varied ingredients merging into a delicious whole.

yet it all seems so daunting : learning !
we get one tube of ointment from the doctor and off we dash to the Net to learn every possible side effect of the drug and within a month of treatment, we are veritable experts regardless of how complex the explanations ..  and all this for a swollen toe.

you can get swept down the river or you can navigate it to some degree and enjoy the expanse that Time shares with you.

either way, there's no getting off this ride for now.

live well.