Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Wall

We exist in a world of perceived matter, expending tremendous effort to reconcile "life" to our pattern of thought while all the time, trying so hard not to lose our sense of self ... a throughly exhausting endeavour to say the least !

We say life is one, yet we stand apart, we draw up our own right & wrong but can find no solace in our decisions, and finally, we obscure our sense of being and stand out in the cold, unsure of what happiness even is... 

We have a concept - this is how life "should be" ... but we find that it really isn't.. so we accommodate our concept to the present situation whereby we can eek out some joy ( or minimise our sorrow ) and then, having been forced to modify our concept, we are left unfulfilled .. this process, extended across our lifetime, gradually beats us down and leaves us as a hollow shell.. a sense of emptiness that absolutely nothing can fill... we simply cannot become whole - always looking for more..

Is life to be one long series of compromises? how do we break this pattern and tear down this wall that we have built up out of our own incompleteness?

we want a freedom that is infinite in its universality ... ever present in our consciousness - continuous and uninterrupted by "life" as it unfolds... a perpetual perfection is the only acceptable mode of being... anything short of this is simply not good enough.  This is the core of man's search for himself...

Once we clearly identify what we want, what we need, only then can the search begin in the right direction - whatever we have tried until now, we know, first hand, is simply not enough .. we are still stuck behind this wall that separates us from our own completeness...

what exactly are we waiting for ?  

that which separates, cannot, at the same time, unite ...... weed it out and experience what it truly means to Be.... Happiness and Bliss are natural to this state and no further effort shall be required.

Live well....

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Destination.

our life as most of us know it, has a specific starting point and it will eventually end. yes, i know that is a ridiculously obvious statement but it is what happens between those two points in time that is of infinite interest. while the broad strokes are the same for all; we all come into being, grow, change, fall into decay and then cease to be,  if one was to ask " what is the purpose of your life ", chances are you will be met with a quizzical look and a curious sound " uummmmm ". try it - absolutely fascinating.

so what is the purpose of my life ... not your life, not of life in general, but MY life ?


there are many who may have a religious background and they will start enumerating what their "book" tells them their life should be about ..

there are some who say it is to live in the moment yet given the number of moments they would have had to experiment with, it would seem they have not yet perfected that art..

there are those who say they don't care but seem very anxious most of the time so simply not caring is  not working for them..

those who have only one life to live get progressively more anxious as they approach their finishing line and those who feel they will somehow return let the apathy of a promised reincarnation absolve them from any sense of urgency to actually live in the here and now.

so is there a purpose ? if one doesn't know, is there any inclination to find out ?
there are those who will spend days on the internet to figure out which is the best camera to spend our hard earned dollars on - how much research have we done to find out how to spend our singular life ?

ultimately, we will cease to be. that is a given - a ridiculously obviously statement - but till then, where am i going ? and why ??

live well.