Friday, August 24, 2012


there seems to always be some chatter on "Karma". whether it is at the ballroom table or the yoga centre, the ashram or on the sofa at home... it is the buzz word on everyone's lip and yet the concept seems vague to most...

most things operate on a simple cause and effect basis. wood, tools, carpenter - fiddle around with the variables and you can work out how that lovely coffee table in your living room came about.

Existence is a little more complex. the Supreme Cause, as it were, does not stand apart from the effect. unlike the carpenter who is NOT the table, one cannot extricate the Cause from the effect when dealing with the manifestation of creation as a whole because the Cause is verily infused and interwoven as a hidden presence into every effect. hence cause and effect are connected organically.

this vital connection lends a certain precision to the mechanism of universe. so much so, that standing at a single point in time, one can place a star at a particular vector three hundred years ago or predict the time of tomorrow's sunrise. the past-present-future mechanics principle works from the universal down to the individual; it is all a single connection of the Supreme Intelligence expressing Itself within Itself ( as there can be nothing "outside" It ).

hence we tie up the transcendental, the universal and the particular.

with this invisible link pulsating within this magnificent cosmos one realises the potency of action ( of word, deed and thought ) and the inexorable fruit of action. 

the Causal Potency permeates everything. do one thing here, something there WILL happen.

there is no good or bad in this - it is universally impartial, supremely just and it will never change.

simply be aware of this String of Consciousness - what is there is here ( in you ) and what is here is everywhere... it is this awareness that elevates your being, your life, into something sublime and resplendent.

live well.

Friday, August 3, 2012


i am... how magnificent that sounds.

i am young, i am smart, i know this and i can do that, and i.. i.. i..

i am just wonderful !

so if i am so wonderful, why do i sometimes feel like i am drowning in a sea of insecurity and grappling  so fervently to hang on to... that which i am unable to even define.

i am free, yet i feel so entangled. i do so much, yet i feel indebted. i know so many yet there is a unfathomable loneliness. 

you can follow a path, give in charity, read inspirational quotes and yet... yet, there is a hole that seems impossible to fill.  

we seem to be limited by the very individuality we hold so dear.

somewhere in the recesses of our consciousness, we know... we are acutely aware that we are incomplete... that there is more. it is that restlessness in not only wanting more, but in wanting it all  that pushes us to want to go beyond ourselves.. to hold infinity in the palm of our hands.     

but how ?  and where does the error in our perception lie ?  obviously we are doing something wrong for we are no where close to experiencing infinity.

it seems we trying to catch the moon that is reflected in the shaky waters of the lake.

we try to learn more ( with our mind )
we try to understand the why ( with our intellect )

and still we are stuck. still here. 
in our frustration we say there is nothing else.. nothing beyond us. we are the final frontier .. 
and yet, still... we feel incomplete. 

how do we stop "learning" how do we fall into the ecstasy of "being" ?

perhaps this "i" is not so wonderful after all...

live well.