Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Box

so god is everywhere. got it.

and i am here .. but where ?  there seems to be no place for me if god is taking up all the space.

so let's say, god makes a box ( out of himself since he is the All ) and he puts me ( again, created out of Himself ) into the box.  i can see other people and other things ... so i have to assume, they are in the same box and they too, are made out of the All.

so i am now a content of creation ( creation being this box i am in )  interacting with "the others", who have  as their core, the same Source as myself.

now it gets really complicated - i feel i am independent - a universe unto myself - and everything else is, hence, not me.  this induces me to pull certain things towards me and repel others - we spiral downwards into the pit of likes and dislikes and suffer the resulting pleasures and pain completely oblivious to the fact that there can be no "other" for the building blocks for all creation is one and the same.

so why all the stress ? why the isolation and fear ? why the anguish and pain ?

what we need is an active form of deconstruction ... the way forward is to progressively move back.

there are no others
i am part of That
there is no place other than Him
i am already at the Source
i am nothing but the Source

the box is now not only empty, but in truth, there is no box.

simple directions, but where do we start ?  we expand our vision, open our hearts and completely encompass all around us ... feel, in your heart of hearts, FEEL, there is only ONE... once that first step is taken, the rest follows, like the river to the ocean..

live well.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Looking Glass

doing something religiously forms a pattern of repetition .. the tenants of all Religions.

this would, hopefully, prepare one's mind to step into the philosophy which may extend even past the boundaries of the Religion itself.

the churning of these concepts in a given philosophy, if seriously undertaken, will weed out most of the grime and will distill your essence to a point where your mind will feel as if it has to choose; are there 2 or is there only 1...

a path of duality will aways keep you one step away from god while a non-dual "belief" will leave you wondering, "so if there is only 1, then 'who am i ?' "

these two paths are not to be debated for such a mental duel is the last snake on the board upon which, if you slip, you end up at the beginning of the game and the entire journey must be undertaken again.

if you are truly prepared and earnest in your quest for the truth, having dropped off all other vestiges of life as you know it, seek out one who knows ... not "about" what you seek for that would require him to utilize his mind to express a concept and hence you are once again operating from a platform of duality  but who "Is" an expression of what you seek. in such a presence; surrender - that lingering sense of self will vaporize and that final question no longer needs an answer for there is none left to ask it .. what was perceived to have emanated from silence, is now Silence itself.

a journey that never was, can have no destination.