Thursday, June 28, 2012

Petit four

i enjoy reading larger texts and trying to wrap myself around the Consciousness that wraps Itself around me... it's like a child rolling around the bed and getting lost in the voluminous fluffy quilt.

but sometimes, i find seeds of contemplation in the simpler aspects of life.

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live well.

Friday, June 15, 2012


" i have a question .. " 

how many times have you uttered these words to a priest or holy man? more importantly, how many times have you listened to the answers ( a good way to gauge would be if you can remember the answer ) and then how many times have you applied the answer to your life : life, not the series of tomorrows to come but the relentless happenings of the right now.

take a moment to ponder. jesus, buddha, krishna - none of them stopped sorrow. sorrow and confusion were in abundance even at their time and has multiplied exponentially since...
so what was their greatness ? 

they had a faith; a system to approach life and they applied that system to their own lives - it is not something they could impose upon anyone so they lived it themselves and as it worked, they tried to share their faith or knowledge with those around them out of their sheer love of humanity and creation as a whole.

but how many listened ?

yes, i may quote the bible or gita or any other venerable text but those are just words - if i speak them without the fragrance of truth emanating from my life then those words are merely propaganda - they simply add to the chaos.

so what's the answer? in fact, where does the question stem from?
if you are aware you are confused, it must be a immediate awareness - you cannot ask a question based on a future emotion or frame of mind - you perceive your current state of mind instantaneously. hence, if you are open to the answer - having put aside your own barriers of prejudice and ego - the antidote to your sorrow must also be applied to your immediate happenings, the sum of which equate to your life, and from this application, a Truth is discovered within yourself - a revelation !

listen, ponder, adopt, live and discover the glory of the christ way of life, the buddha way of life, the krishna way of life...

Truth cannot be given to you. there are no answers to your questions.

it is only in the living of the Truth that all questions are finally laid to rest.

live well.