Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Absolute Truth

truth, as with all things that exist within a temporal framework, is incapable of being "absolute".

at best, those aspiring towards the Absolute, try to tune their concept of truth into greater resonance with those of the Masters who have walked through the portal of their own conceptualizations and emerged resplendent - bathed, as it were, in God-Hood itself.

every other truth is an interpretation of a given mental framework - seen from any particular standpoint, every truth may be argued and that in itself, is a glaring declaration that it is not such. 

how does that help us?  well, it doesn't - you will see what you see, continue to do what you do and Life will simply go on.

that is not a condescension - all life is an expression of one singular Spirit, undivided and comprehensive - you are already what you most yearn to experience.

there is no wrong way, long way or lost along the way scenario - there is only Spirit reveling within It's own expression of Itself, seeking only Itself and ultimately merging within Itself.

the rest is simply academic 
the rest is mental noise; co-incidental and fleeting - for that which never was, can never be.

the rest - well, in Truth, there is no such thing.

live well.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


we all love to watch a good show and there are no better performers than those whose entire lives are dedicated to being watched - everything they do is geared to evoke a response; whether it be they way the wish to appear, the names they drop or the social calendar they mold their existence around.

of course, what would be the point if they were no spectators and here is where most of us fit, we are the vast crowd - we clap, we cheer -  we watch life pass us by like a parade while standing on the side lines.

still, there is a third - the observer; the one on a totally different path.  

a spectator looks outwards whereas the observer looks inwards trying to fathom who is watching what ?
the eyes can see only if life is present, a corpse may have eyes yet there is no power of sight. 
so who is truly seeing ?

if you get lost in what you are seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting or touching, then you are mere spectator.  if you can raise your awareness towards the consciousness that allows your senses to do so, hold on that essence, then you are approximating towards the One.

reflect : "One" presupposes that there is no "other" 

so here is an interesting formula ; there is no doing of anything but rather a shift in awareness of everything that is being done - the observer, thus, slowly dissolves into the One and the others cease to be.

it is not that you now stand alone in a world of empty structures - quite the opposite; you now exist in a plane where all that is observed is seen as a reflection of Him, like the full moon reflected in every ocean, sea and puddle.

hence, one no longer needs to feed the ego by performing, one no longer needs to fill the void by hanging on others - one is simply at peace by tuning into the Universal Consciousness by which and in which all appears to be happening.

here, finally, the ancient declaration  "That thou Art" unfolds its truth.

live well.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I love car shows .. but not to view the cars that are being made, but for the concept cars - futuristic, fantastic   and inspirational.  most, of course, will never be made.  the car makers are simply showcasing their skill for their potential; what they could do if they wanted, but as economics are invariably factored in, these concepts are simply not viable.

we see this, too, in our daily living. all the scriptures of every philosophy, religion, sect and cult have their concepts - what they deem as the bedrock of their prescribed way of life. and if one was to objectively compare them, many of the notions overlap - honesty, love, charity, faith, prayer, etc. 

and again, many a times, these concepts are put back on the shelf and the appropriate vehicle to navigate us through life's twists and turns is unavailable... they remain as notions, buried in the back our minds, known yet unapplied. 

why do we do this ?  
why say life is complicated, but take no steps to simplify it ?
why say i want to know what god is, yet not walk towards god ?
why say i want to understand life, yet not study or practice the path prescribed by your faith ?

is it fear of the unknown ? 
would it not be acceptable by your peers ?
are you just lazy ?

many may say they are happy the way they are, that is wonderful - let them continue to be happy and we should, indeed, be happy for them.

the rest of us all have our personal set of notions, and are ready to debate them over dinner - but  of what use are they if they bring you no peace, have no practical application in your existence and simply burden you with guilt?

i love concept cars, but life - i'd rather have a real one... let's put all the parts together and take our being from the notional to the ultimate Experience.

live well.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Show and Tell.

( Picture courtesy of The Chimaya Mission ) 

Kids will be kids.  they will come and plop themselves on your bed and suddenly blurt out "show me god!"  so loving parents will spin a wonderful tale and indicate to the child all the miraculous acts of nature and say "that is how we know there is a god..."

actually, we are all pretty much still in the same boat.  we can take up any religious text, and we are lead by  inference to a point where, if one wants to pursue the search, a need to move forward into a subtler realm is required.

one can have direct experience of heat, not by reading about it, but by suspending your hand over an open flame.  this sort of gross experience is easy.  however, for a sincere seeker, the path forward does not end in reading and debating a text.  if the experience of an elevated plane of existence is not exhibited in daily living and one is still overcome repeatedly by distress or pleasure, then there is hardly any difference between the "educated" man and the fool.

a subtle truth that supersedes mental cognition requires a different path.

words cannot signify that which is beyond the concept of words.  
hence, terms like God, Truth, Consciousness, etc. are simply for the child in us.

from knowledge, enlightenment must ensue.  one must, of course, apply that knowledge - sorry, but there are simply no shortcuts.

there is no "Show and Tell" when it comes to Self Realization - you study, you practise, you withdraw your senses, you discriminate, you detach, you sit in silence, you disengage your mind, you meditate, you dissolve and you know you are... a complete experience - true, immediate and continuous; an existence beyond time and space, omnipresent and omnipotent.

then, well - then it's up to you :)

live well.