Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Lighthouse

Life is simply not long enough to make every possible mistake – so it is best to learn from the mistakes made by others. How best to stay together, how best not to lose heart, how best to stay strong in the face of the insurmountable and most importantly, how not to get lost in the dark. These lessons are usually learnt in hindsight, when it is too late to be of any use… here I build my lighthouse for you to avoid some of the rocks i crashed on.. build your own for those are walking a similar path to yours so that they, too, may benefit from your experiences...

  • The ultimate motivating force is usually self preservation : acknowledge it – never pretend to be better than you are but always strive sincerely to evolve.
  • Greed brings with it both ambition & accumulation while hand in hand, it may cost you everything you hold dear.
  • Always ask yourself, “why am I doing this ? what will it cost me ? is it worth it ?”
  • Expectation is usually met with disappointment.
  • There is no escaping the fruits of your action or intentions. Tread carefully.
  • You will grow old and you will die .. make your life about more that just hoarding and consumption.
  •  Remember you are not as smart as you think you are… Ask for advice if you need it.
  • Words, once spoken, will never be forgotten.
  • Let those who are important to you know that they are loved.
  • Allow yourself to be loved.
  • Learn to forgive - it lightens your own soul.
  • Pray everyday – not “for” anything but in gratitude and humility.
  • Share with those in need.
  • Be gentle with the young and patient with the old.
  • Never forget, everything changes - including what you think will make you happy.
  • Know that all will unfold the way it is meant to - watch and accept with grace and courage.
  • Find your peace and live in harmony with all of creation.
Live well.

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