Sunday, February 12, 2012

Internal Vs External

"look within" : how many times has someone said that to you ?

what exactly are they referring to ? and given the expanse of the universe vs the tiny me contained with my 5 foot 10 framework, wouldn't it be more logical to look for whatever it is i am seeking out there ?

unfortunately, the outside ( relatively speaking ) will always be conditioned or governed by its primary elemental factors.. it simply cannot function past its nature and will always be limited as such. if we were to seek anything in such an arena, the result of our efforts would, thus, also confined to the outer limits of its intrinsic conditioning - just as a pet on a leash can only wander as far as the length of the leash would permit.

what about this "inside" ? 

ever try to communicate with yourself while you are dreaming ?  can the you, lying in bed, step into your dream and have a little heart to heart with the you who is having a bad day in the dream world .. no ? 

everyone dreams, and yet you cannot communicate within your own distinct levels of consciousness which you experience intimately every night; so how does one tap into an "inside" that most have no experience of whatsoever, add to which our ongoing surge outward constantly repels us ever further away from that core, within which, all we truly seek is already contained.

the fallacy lies in our perception : we see the two as distinct and exclusive - yet the source is One. every wave contains the ocean's water.  

alter your perception so that this One is recognized in everything we experience. as the "outside" is bathed with the waters of singularity, we start to truly see that one is merely a reflection of the other.

ultimately we comprehend that our mind is our personal hall of mirrors - if dissipated and frantic, we get lost in the mutilated visions "outside";  but, if we train ourselves to be centered in silence ( KNOWING there is nothing other than That )  and then allow that which IS to simply fill our being - we automatically exist as we are "inside" - Infinite and Non-Dual.

so look within, and make your world beautiful. 

live well.

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