Friday, April 6, 2012


the self help religion seems to be gathering momentum; we read the best sellers, you-tube the talks and google the sites so reverently...

the irony, of course, is that we keep looking outwards for someone to help us without wishing to lift a finger to help ourselves!  an odd self help technique indeed... a twisted belief that simply reading something will make it so.

we wish to change inside; stop the pain, empower our being, raise our consciousness but all through an immersion in the external phenomena of researching the miracle-method of the month.

the magnificent phrases and cliches that roll off silvered tongues are truly to be admired. but how do those magic catch words intrinsically help us ?  

even a caterpillar knows it has to first withdraw itself totally from the external, spend some time in silence and then emerge, resplendent and transformed ... how is it, that after reading, watching and hearing so much, we refuse to do the same - our rush outwards is unceasing and ever accelerating towards an ultimate frustration that engulfs us in a stupor of  self pity until we start all over again with a new "system" ; pinning all our hopes of redemption on a new secret revealed..

when viewed from the vantage point of serenity and wisdom, those who KNOW have laid out the path in every age... there simply is no new way, merely the correct understanding in contemporary times of what it takes to walk the road that has already been so lovingly paved in anticipation of your arrival.

align yourself to something that stirs you, live it, surrender to it, be devoted to it without compromise - merge your being into its essence.

if perfection is what you seek, only you can find it.

live well.

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  1. "do better if possible ... and that is always possible"
    - François Constantin (July 5, 1819)