Thursday, May 17, 2012


it was a good day.  i paid my eyes $2,000 for showing me a morning rainbow. i paid my legs $3,500 for getting me to and from work and the rest of my body earned $9,300 for its share of the day's labour.

doesn't sound right ?  isn't that the way you interact with your body and the services it provides you ?

strange... yet that is how we view every other transaction, every other act ( noble or otherwise ).

yes, even with noble acts we anticipate a deposit into our "good deeds" account - a definite payout due to us at some future date - all of us keep accounts with the Universe.

tragically, this very consideration wraps the noose of time tighter around our being.  

ponder : we declare a belief in "God" who is accepted to be beyond time and space and yet with every breath in which we barter our actions against future gain, we are imprinting a time stamp on our continued existence ... the two seem to be an antithesis of each other ... how does one bask in the Timeless when we are constantly cementing our being into the very fabric of time itself ?

yet we must all act ... quite a quandary - what are we missing ?

perhaps it is our failure to recognize the Universal Principle that binds the cosmos together; that Force is accepted to be Eternal and all Pervasive which would indicate that nothing is really ours - our very existence is borrowed from That ( as is the rest of creation ) and hence, as with our body parts, we are to act in harmony with all other aspects of the universe with no expectation of payment, reward or merit - we do it because we are an expression of that One Existence just as our legs take the rest of our body where it wishes to be.

recognize the Universal in the particular and then act... to the extent this recognition takes hold in your psyche, to that extent shall you be at peace for your essence gradually falls into synchronicity with the Source of all ( within which even this expression of "you" exists )

live well.

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