Friday, October 14, 2011


life is a curious expression of our Mr. God

take me, for example.  i am a bundle of existence, desires, hopes and fears and of course, as is the nature all that is, this particular bundle will eventually cease to be part of life though life will go on without even mourning the loss of me !

so i float like a twig, bobbing and swirling, upon the unceasing river of life... life, which moves on, in utter disinterest of my achievements or plights and which will eventually wash away all traces of my personality as it crashes against its 2 banks of time and space ! 

yes, there are those who have left their mark ( some good, some evil ) for such is how the force of life expresses and unfolds itself - the contributions of such may be remembered but what about the sadness felt or all the thousand other ups and downs they went through ?  what of those intimate emotions left unexpressed, of the myriad dreams not lived and hopes not fulfilled ? 

wild stallions may be tamed, saddles fastened and the creature mounted but that does not seem to work with life...

so... life... given it's infinite span and our limited one, how best to live it regardless of the conditions one may find oneself in ?

perhaps grasping its very nature is the all important first step - an accurate perspective is essential in all endeavors; shouldn't the same apply to your existence ?

perspective of what is real and what is not, of what is time well spent or simply squandered and of the value of today for there may not be a tomorrow.  just doing is not living, and simply being alive is not a life.  planning guarantees nothing while ambivalence leaves one in limbo allowing life to simply ebb away.  

ask the right questions and if you have the courage and believe in the answers, the bobbing twig may transform into a solid bridge and perhaps instead of being swept down the river of life, one may cross it with the peace borne of wisdom and experience what lies on the other side.

live well.

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  1. Whilst I am still searching for the meaning of life, Rick Warren's - Purpose Driven Life has been a great help to put many a thing into perspective.

    Pick up a copy while you are in the US or one is waiting for you upon your return to HK!

    Love strong!