Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Absolute Truth

truth, as with all things that exist within a temporal framework, is incapable of being "absolute".

at best, those aspiring towards the Absolute, try to tune their concept of truth into greater resonance with those of the Masters who have walked through the portal of their own conceptualizations and emerged resplendent - bathed, as it were, in God-Hood itself.

every other truth is an interpretation of a given mental framework - seen from any particular standpoint, every truth may be argued and that in itself, is a glaring declaration that it is not such. 

how does that help us?  well, it doesn't - you will see what you see, continue to do what you do and Life will simply go on.

that is not a condescension - all life is an expression of one singular Spirit, undivided and comprehensive - you are already what you most yearn to experience.

there is no wrong way, long way or lost along the way scenario - there is only Spirit reveling within It's own expression of Itself, seeking only Itself and ultimately merging within Itself.

the rest is simply academic 
the rest is mental noise; co-incidental and fleeting - for that which never was, can never be.

the rest - well, in Truth, there is no such thing.

live well.

1 comment:

  1. There is one thing though, without Integrity, there can be no Truth.
    Once we find what sustains Integrity, the Truth will be revealed.
    Then only can we live with the Man in the Mirror.
    What you see is what you get.
    To know that you are loved, can love, know how to sacrifice for love and be truthful in Love is the Truth.
    So Love Strong!