Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I love car shows .. but not to view the cars that are being made, but for the concept cars - futuristic, fantastic   and inspirational.  most, of course, will never be made.  the car makers are simply showcasing their skill for their potential; what they could do if they wanted, but as economics are invariably factored in, these concepts are simply not viable.

we see this, too, in our daily living. all the scriptures of every philosophy, religion, sect and cult have their concepts - what they deem as the bedrock of their prescribed way of life. and if one was to objectively compare them, many of the notions overlap - honesty, love, charity, faith, prayer, etc. 

and again, many a times, these concepts are put back on the shelf and the appropriate vehicle to navigate us through life's twists and turns is unavailable... they remain as notions, buried in the back our minds, known yet unapplied. 

why do we do this ?  
why say life is complicated, but take no steps to simplify it ?
why say i want to know what god is, yet not walk towards god ?
why say i want to understand life, yet not study or practice the path prescribed by your faith ?

is it fear of the unknown ? 
would it not be acceptable by your peers ?
are you just lazy ?

many may say they are happy the way they are, that is wonderful - let them continue to be happy and we should, indeed, be happy for them.

the rest of us all have our personal set of notions, and are ready to debate them over dinner - but  of what use are they if they bring you no peace, have no practical application in your existence and simply burden you with guilt?

i love concept cars, but life - i'd rather have a real one... let's put all the parts together and take our being from the notional to the ultimate Experience.

live well.

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