Sunday, September 11, 2011


we all love to watch a good show and there are no better performers than those whose entire lives are dedicated to being watched - everything they do is geared to evoke a response; whether it be they way the wish to appear, the names they drop or the social calendar they mold their existence around.

of course, what would be the point if they were no spectators and here is where most of us fit, we are the vast crowd - we clap, we cheer -  we watch life pass us by like a parade while standing on the side lines.

still, there is a third - the observer; the one on a totally different path.  

a spectator looks outwards whereas the observer looks inwards trying to fathom who is watching what ?
the eyes can see only if life is present, a corpse may have eyes yet there is no power of sight. 
so who is truly seeing ?

if you get lost in what you are seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting or touching, then you are mere spectator.  if you can raise your awareness towards the consciousness that allows your senses to do so, hold on that essence, then you are approximating towards the One.

reflect : "One" presupposes that there is no "other" 

so here is an interesting formula ; there is no doing of anything but rather a shift in awareness of everything that is being done - the observer, thus, slowly dissolves into the One and the others cease to be.

it is not that you now stand alone in a world of empty structures - quite the opposite; you now exist in a plane where all that is observed is seen as a reflection of Him, like the full moon reflected in every ocean, sea and puddle.

hence, one no longer needs to feed the ego by performing, one no longer needs to fill the void by hanging on others - one is simply at peace by tuning into the Universal Consciousness by which and in which all appears to be happening.

here, finally, the ancient declaration  "That thou Art" unfolds its truth.

live well.

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