Thursday, September 1, 2011

Show and Tell.

( Picture courtesy of The Chimaya Mission ) 

Kids will be kids.  they will come and plop themselves on your bed and suddenly blurt out "show me god!"  so loving parents will spin a wonderful tale and indicate to the child all the miraculous acts of nature and say "that is how we know there is a god..."

actually, we are all pretty much still in the same boat.  we can take up any religious text, and we are lead by  inference to a point where, if one wants to pursue the search, a need to move forward into a subtler realm is required.

one can have direct experience of heat, not by reading about it, but by suspending your hand over an open flame.  this sort of gross experience is easy.  however, for a sincere seeker, the path forward does not end in reading and debating a text.  if the experience of an elevated plane of existence is not exhibited in daily living and one is still overcome repeatedly by distress or pleasure, then there is hardly any difference between the "educated" man and the fool.

a subtle truth that supersedes mental cognition requires a different path.

words cannot signify that which is beyond the concept of words.  
hence, terms like God, Truth, Consciousness, etc. are simply for the child in us.

from knowledge, enlightenment must ensue.  one must, of course, apply that knowledge - sorry, but there are simply no shortcuts.

there is no "Show and Tell" when it comes to Self Realization - you study, you practise, you withdraw your senses, you discriminate, you detach, you sit in silence, you disengage your mind, you meditate, you dissolve and you know you are... a complete experience - true, immediate and continuous; an existence beyond time and space, omnipresent and omnipotent.

then, well - then it's up to you :)

live well.

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