Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pictures on the Wall.

i like taking pictures.  then i will come home and edit them; crop, straighten and enhance them - sometimes to the point where they look nothing like the subject matter !  this is my vision of the way it should have been - all the while in complete forgetfulness of the fact that the image is not the reality - it is simply a snapshot - a pale reflection of the subject; it no longer possesses the capacity to evoke the same sense of joy, wonder or pathos that i felt while in its presence.  the memory of those emotions slowing fading over time to a point where eventually all i can say is "i remember that day..."

here is a clear delineation of the essence and the image - and it is in our nature to do this.  we are obsessed with the image while oblivious ( most of the time ) of the underlying essence.

existence vs form is where most lose their perspective; for while the form may indicate a truth, it is NOT the truth. at best, it is a shadowy reflection of the same.

we have a basket a concepts that we balance precariously on our heads and we trudge through our lives trying to pander our wares to all who cross our path, yet finding no joy in the very concepts we are so desperately trying to market; still needy, scared and ultimately alone - trying to fill a void that we cannot even define.  we have walked into our own picture - the Essence now photoshopped to our distorted view of the Original Subject.  

enjoy the pictures, they are lovely - BUT, always be aware of the underlying Truth... and this takes practise.

awareness of Him, will take you to Him.
getting lost in the images will merely leave you standing alone in the gallery and no matter how lovely the pictures, you will eventually tire of them - for they are not real.

live well.

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