Thursday, June 30, 2011


the world, or creation as a whole, in indeed a wondrous place : infinite diversity, infinite combinations

yet, what is diversity ?  in its simplest definition, we understand it to be "difference"

where does this difference spring from and how does it affect us ?

if we believe in a concept of God, we will say everything comes from God... so far, so good.

here's where it seems to fall apart, if everything comes from god, it then that same "everything" must be pervaded by the very same god - just as a gold bracelet is pervaded by the essence of gold - hence, what makes us see the diversity and not the the god in all ?

i look at me, i see my fingers, toes, arms, legs - all look so different ... where within this mass do i not exist ?  with what part of myself am i comfortable axing off ?  none !  why ? because i feel, i KNOW, it's all part of me ... i encompass it all - nothing is superfluous.

yet, we are unable to extend this feeling outward and recognize Him in every aspect of creation, including ourself !

We pray, then we so easily harm ( with both deed and speech ) an expression of the very entity we offer oblations to .. how hypocritical and utterly foolish.

diversity is word without substance - it is an absurd concept.   we see it only because our vision is flawed.

Only He is.  
Look again...

live well.

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  1. the words hypocritical and utterly foolish are unwarranted...if the writer's perception is "only He is" then such words become all the more redundant.

    Diversity is God's magic..let's enjoy everybit of it : a million times more as we entertain ourselves with David Copperfield's illusions.