Friday, June 17, 2011

More !

What is more and why does one want more ?

more cars would refer to having in addition to ..
same goes for most things and ditto for money ..

so we all want more ...

but why ?

because we are under the impression more of anything will equate to more happiness...

but does it ?

i can comprehend the concept of wanting more till one's basic needs are fulfilled and maybe even up to the point of a little excess of basic need.

but when we get to wants, then we are entering into whole new realm.. the ever expanding universe of greed.

a wise man once said, there is enough for everyone's need yet never for even one man's greed.

so when is enough enough ?

let's go back to the why ... we say "because then we will be happy" which would mean that the richest man in the world should be the happiest ... but by sheer simple observation, we know that is not the case.

we see quiet old men across the globe who are as happy as the infinite rolling waves .. just being, content, serene and equipoise... their contentment does not flow from the doctrine of "more" - what is their secret ?  from whence does their smile emanate ?

perhaps when we get to the point where our needs are met, we should place a pause on the "more" and investigate the "how", the "why" and the "who" ...

but only if you are interested in being "more" at peace :)

live well.

1 comment:

  1. we seek "more" to fill the hole in our hearts
    and its only when we come to the realization that that void can only be filled by a spiritual relationship with the Lord
    that we know the path to peace
    the challenge continues, however, to stay the path to peace
    thru daily conversations with the Lord to ensure we are fullfilled
    and need not run the race to seek "more"
    but enjoy the journey by giving "more"
    give "more" time and love to those around you
    for when our journey on earth is complete
    true joy is in the memories of the love and time that we shared
    love strong