Monday, June 13, 2011

i have been observed by someone with a keen eye and been advised to blog.

the concept is alien to me so it may become a daily occurrence or it may fade into oblivion. either way, i will have experienced it and isn't that all part of the existence of Now.

first the premise.

i am under the impression that i am on a journey of Self discovery: so the musings will be primarily upon what i read ( currently various Vendantic texts ),  how i see those observations present themselves, my reaction to them and finally ( hopefully ) dissolving into the Silence before all was.

as was pointed out by the aforementioned observer, i am not a "blind faith" follower and hence can be, at times, irreverent even to the most sacred of texts ( obviously due to my own lack of understanding ) and the holy men, as judged by their followers, as i have no way to gauge the level of contact or communion they have with their own personal gods or to their degree of absorption into the All that Is.

hmmm, seems like a lot to do... yet oddly enough, there is truly nothing to do... so for now, let us just Be.

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