Wednesday, June 29, 2011


words are not knowledge

knowledge is not wisdom

wisdom is not the Truth.

each is a stepping stone... one must read, of course, then re-read and again re-read... ponder, question, grasp the nuances.

once a glimmer of comprehension arises, start trying to live the life indicated by what you have read...

once it has evolved from an experiment to a life style, then become firmly established in what you now know to be valid, you have tried it yourself and seen it's power - then the words you started with long ago garner a life, energized by your own expression of those ideals.

the figure of a sun carved on a cave wall cannot dispel darkness !

we are lazy, we find excuses, we pander to others and we guard our misery with a jealous frenzy.  we say we want to change, we want to be at peace, we want joy yet we do not actively pursue these goals - if anything, we run as fast as we can in the opposite direction !  how curious :)

there is no new way. no secret. no magic ... everything that points to the Truth has been laid bare for us - it is up to you - and only you.

reading is good, but simply reading, putting the book down and allowing yourself to fall into a practiced instantaneous amnesia will get you nowhere.

reflect, assimilate and do until the do-ing naturally stops for then you simply merge with what Is.

Live Well.

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