Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ideology vs Action

almost everyone knows what is wrong and what is right .. many even preach it till the end of days !

yet when life happens, why the paradoxical confusion ?

what cripples us ?  we stumble, fall and inevitably drown in the regret of our digressions ... a pitiful bundle of sorrow and self loathing !

what an awful state of existence ... but why ?  what compels us to be so utterly stupid: once is even forgivable, but we do it again and again and again and ..

oddly enough, it is really no big secret - desire !

desire and it's younger sister, anger, wreck havoc within our psyche - this constant agitation of the mind, its resulting uncontrollable impatience, boil over into sheer animalistic rage and all the gates come crashing down.. self annihilation - or as a wise man once said " pop goes the weasel ! "

we will do anything, rationalize it all, just to get what we think we want, what we feel we need and of course, 2 year later, we don't even remember what it was or why we felt it was soooo important !

and the ensuing sorrow, the hurt caused, loved ones ignored, all those bridges burnt - for what ?

we compromised our soul and in return we bought a mirage ... the ultimate con:  perpetuated by ourselves upon ourselves ...

how truly foolish !

fortunately, it's never too late to be what one envisions one can be - discipline, courage and the truth are all you need on your side... the rest will follow.

live well.


  1. What will follow is the fruit of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

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  3. What is the cause for desire? Spirit is lying dormant- gone to sleep.
    the question before a thinker would be how to awaken the spirit....seemingly fractured and fragmented by reasons beyond human comprehension...

    shall i invoke the Spirit by calling out to it: " Oh! wake up my spirit- you have slept long enough"????