Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is it True ?

so what is true ?

not relatively true but TRUE ...

ok, let's go relative first... from our current perspective gravity is true .. but why do you believe that ?  why do we not take the stand, " i don't care what people say, but i don't believe in gravity ! "    We don't because we know that if we walk off our balcony, we WILL fall !   so, such truth is accepted via empirical assertion.

now, what about Truth in relation to philosophy or a God.   is god the truth ?  is there a god ?

some say no, others say yes.

here's what i don't get .. what have you done to validate either standpoint ?

unless there is a single pointed enquiry into such a truth by oneself ( not hear-say, lectures or affirmations by others )  to the point where it can be experienced by oneself for oneself; only then, can such a Truth be truly "seen".

stop using our sages, swamis, pastors and popes as mules .. they cannot carry you to your god on their backs ... strap up, and start the journey for your self ... put a little effort into it - in fact, if you are really so adamant about either stand point, put all your effort into it !

and when you get to where all merge into the All, we'll chat again :)

live well.

1 comment:

  1. We owe it to ourselves individually to discover the True relationship with God or lack there of.

    Once we begin courting for that relationship, the Truth which each of us experience in our own way is revealed.

    Once revealed, if we are comfortable, we would only be doing our part and living the faith by sharing our testimonies of the Truth in our lives that can help our loved ones see the faith in action.

    Love is the greatest Truth of all and God's love for His creation can only be lived by faith.

    Have faith in the Father's Love and this will Truly conquer all!

    Love Strong