Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moral dilemmas : fact or fiction ?

I am not sure what to do...

really ?

or should it be phrased as :  i lack the courage to follow my publicly stated belief dogma ( may i suggest you actually look up the meaning of the word )

the truth simply is what it is .. and if you think otherwise, then whatever you determine the truth to be, seek it and follow the yellow brick road till you reach it, merge with it and Be it !

so where does the dilemma factor in ?  regardless of a religion, philosophy or lack thereof, any particular situation has to be faced based on your core belief.  if you find yourself unable to do so, then the intrinsic code in your programming that you deem to be your CORE belief is damaged - it needs to be microscopically investigated and honestly re-written.

if there is a conflict within, there is no true expression of your truth ... it is easy to say " things are not always that simple" - granted that is true - but even so, deep down, in the recesses of your essence that only you can choose to explore or ignore, the path is illumined and the choice is clear;  not easy, but clear.

the only question is : do you have the courage to walk the path that you have chosen and give expression to that person you envision yourself to be.

live well.

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