Friday, June 24, 2011

The Opposite

they say the universe is a big place, i'll have to take their word for it as i have yet to travel across it ... but i would venture that it pales in comparison to the expanse that is our mind - thousands of years of evolution and billions of entities have yet to map it out !

thoughts - so many thoughts - incredible !

the underlying motif, though, seems to rest on the platform of our own universe of opposites... likes/dislikes, fears/joys, wants/aversions ... sounds like a messy place and all contained within the parameters of our own mind, carving out for each, their own little world.... they say we all share the same world, but in truth, we all live in our own and sometimes, we share a little of it with each other :)

so how does one exist in the chaos of the world of opposites and more importantly,  how can it be transformed into a brilliant cosmos of harmony ?

but why should i want that ?  well, the need for order ( internally ) seems to stem from the unrelenting need : "i want to be happy" - this elusive search for happiness has insidiously implanted into our psyche an impression that if i have this and avoid that, i will be happy.

however, this and that are essentially inert and as such, are incapable of "giving" anything, be it joy or sorrow.  hence, the same object, say a computer, can be a source of joy for one, and a misery for another... so it has  absolutely nothing to do with the computer but rather our "relationship" with it .. the extension of ourself to envelope the object and thereby assigning to it, a capacity to influence our state of mind.

the spider is now caught in its own web !  how tragic...

so tread carefully... with vigilant awareness of what truly Is, and what merely seems to be...

live well.

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