Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do it !

it's great to have discussions - clears out the cob-webs and sheds new light - sharpens understanding and provides a catalyst to ...

well, that's the point... after all the discussions, what do most do ?

an argument is quite different from a discussion - one is done to ram your point of view down someone else's throat while being deaf to the other's opinion, while a discussion is between two individuals who actually want clarification or an alternative viewpoint while keeping an open mind in the hope of self-evolution.

back to the discussion at hand :)

if said discussion leads you to accept the alternative opinion, then thinking should be ignited ... an attempt to assimilate this new viewpoint .... simply talking and then walking is a colossal waste of time, which is already in critical short supply : even if the discussion serves only to further cement your own belief or philosophy, then what ... what's the next step ?

Living it !

Bring that philosophy to bear in your daily living .. moment to moment, in every experience, let it shine through - be a beacon, not by the mere noisy, forceful need to inculcate but by a serene expression of such a belief through your existence so that others are drawn to you by the sheer emanation of that peace and silence that all yearn for...

let your life bear witness to your belief - then words are no longer needed -metamorphosis from student to master simply happens - and behold : life, YOUR life, becomes HIS Expression ...

live well.

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  1. There in lies the challenge. Its easy to discuss, meditate, evaluate, question, rationalize and potificate but to live our beliefs out 24/7?
    Its easier to live out our belief when the world's a stage, the struggle lies in when we need to act according to our belief's when no one is watching...What does one do?
    A simple solution would be to ask what would the Lord do and we have our answer!
    However, I have to admit that many a time, we if were we truly honest to ourselves yield to temptation and then rationalise it as a momentary lapse of reason.
    If we truly know how to love, we need to work through this challenge day by day and love your faith by living it.
    How do we ensure we find the energy to strive on?
    Spirituall food and a Teacher, Friend, Partner who will hold you accountable when the world is not looking.
    Find your Angel, they are everywhere about you to help you and not to harm you.
    Once you embark on the spiritual iron-man challenge, you can also become someone's accountability partner, Angel, Friend in Faith.
    Love Strong.