Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Starting Point:

a third grader cannot discuss metaphysics, neither can he revel in its sublime realm.

even if he is given the raw data, the subject matter simply exceeds his capacity to comprehend it.

such is the feeling most have when asked about "God" - they are either overwhelmed or have no opinion and the worst of the lot are simply dismissive of the whole "concept".

so where does one start if one want to meet his Maker ?

if your goal is within the confines of the relative, then it is relatively easy :)
as long as one is disciplined in study, any subject matter can be mastered if the due diligence is applied. but what prompts this focus - this single pointed devotion to that hallowed degree on the wall ? it is simply that the end game is clear and its reward, already had by many, is evident.

if, however, the aspiration is the Divine, then neither do most know the nature of the goal they seek nor is the path clear - so many varied roads and every prophet laying claim to knowing the only way Home.

back to the question at hand : where do we start ? oddly enough,  at the same place - discipline.

what sort of preparation is needed for this mystical voyage into the the lap of the Lord? what equipment do we possess to embark on this journey and how do we sharpen that tool to slash through the haze of our confusion and the drudgery of our mundane existence ?

the mind : you know you have one, so use it !
first prepare it, then as an anvil, forge your faith upon it and finally, go beyond it - to where your Being exceeds your very concept of what is real and you finally rest in Consciousness.

this initial step of preparation cannot be over emphasized:  what does one do with this rampant, unruly mind : 3 things - the quantity of thoughts must be reduced ( this will automatically enhance the silence ), the quality of thoughts be be elevated ( love, service, compassion, etc. ) and finally the direction of the mind must turn towards the Divine ( this will serve to enhance the first two )

just as a river in spate must be shored up, so too, must your mind - but this is just the starting point - the tool is now prepped !

once the mind is quiet, sharp and poised, the journey can truly start.

live well.


  1. We need to define 'discipline' : first step would be to pull back our sense organs eg. eyes, ears etc. from their respective fields of perception. Mind will then have a taste of silence and begin the search for its origin. As the 'silence' intensifies, it shall discover its non-existence. Like a phantom it shall disappear. Revelation taks place: Consciousness alone is. You can not rest in consciousness for there is no fragmentation in That!
    Starting point is the destination itself: There is no distance between the two.

  2. Quiet time with the Lord.

    Get back to your prayer closet.

    Read the Word.

    Listen to the Lord speak through His Word to you.

    For our conversation with God, we need to discipline ourselves to dedicate the time for daily Devotion.

    A sk and it will be given to you;
    S eek and you will find;
    K nock and the door will be opened to you.

    For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

    So what are you waiting for? A.S.K.

    Love Strong