Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why me ?

the hindu's have it easy .. they can dump everything on Karma ... Voila! problem solved .. they know the answer..

karma says every effect has a cause.
christianity says:  as you sow, so shall you reap, do as to others as you would have them do unto you ...

so it's not only the hindus - every belief apparently has something along the same lines !

bottom line : nothing is arbitrary

here's what i don't get : if you know the "why", then why not change ?   i mean, if you're gonna keep doing what you did, you're only gonna get what you got !  no big surprise there :)

yet change ( being the only change-less law ) seems to have to be wrenched out of most - nature seems to have to slap you across the face real hard ( most don't seem to respond to gentle nudges ) and only then, is one inclined to apply oneself to change.

to re-cap : you are not happy, yet you do nothing ( intrinsically ) to alter that state of misery ... superficial stuff doesn't count .. i am referring here to a shift in consciousness .. an alteration in the cosmic view of your existence.

a life of excessive indulgence, self absorption and superficiality are increasingly the goal.  i want more and more but i wanted it all handed to me ... i want to do nothing but have everything.  can someone explain the math to me ?

in terms of material objects, that is just stupid but in terms of life as a whole, it is tantamount to suicide !

so here's the answer to "why me" - because you willed it; by your thoughts, your deeds and your words - it's all on you !  no back stage pass here and no get out of jail card !

now the only remaining question is : what are you going to do to change it :)

live well.

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  1. I can connect to this thought... I had it for sometime... But then just like u have written I realised... "what am i doing to change it?"

    Am now doing alot to change it and don't have this thought process any more.

    It was a good read.. Strengthened my thought process... :)