Monday, August 8, 2011

Consent form

have you noticed that almost all aspects of living today revolve around a " terms and conditions " consent form ?

you will fill in all your personal details, credit card details, expiry date, etc.,  press submit and then that annoying little box will pop up - you did not tick the box to verify that you consent ....

now who actually reads all the terms, all the conditions, all the sub paragraphs, all the exclusions ... anyone ?

of course, inevitably, something will go wrong; and then all the fine print become the focus of your given situation: pre-existing conditions, within 30 days, loss of data, original box, 24 month contract...

none of it matters if things are going great, but every single word is critical when things fall apart.

consent : do you agree to ... ?

"God" works on a similar system - in fact, He probably drafted the first one !

Most tend to ascribe to a belief depending on the family they are born into ... some convert,  some linger on, some pursue, some ignore .. whatever may be the case, there is a consent form for that religion, philosophy or premise of disbelief - most of us, however, never bother to read it or those who do, can't get past the jargon and say " whatever! "

then one day ( regardless of your station in life ), things go wrong and one will turn to that "god" and say "i don't understand"...  and herein lies the key - understanding is a function of the intellect whereas the consent form you signed states "all parts of your being must consent; that to perceive with the intellect is not enough"... the heart must consent to universal love ( we are One )  and the mind to the concept of universal life ( not a single particularity but rather a Cosmic Whole )  and once this is accepted ( ticking the box ) one offers to extend one's own consciousness to embrace the Multiplicity and draw it into the folds of Unity.

This expanse of Unity embraces even your own sense of self and hence, anything done to anyone,  you inevitably do to yourself - every vulgar word, every vile action, every insidious plan, will lay its fruit at your own doorstep - you place the crown of thorns on your own head... and with each violation of those terms & conditions, you push it deeper into your ulcerated scalp.

you ticked the box - now please follow those terms & conditions !

live well.

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