Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Dream...

if one is to start from death and division ( as in where we are now ), the goal must ultimately end in an absorption and dissolution into Unity and Immortality whereby what was "brought forth" from the source must end in The Source... full circle.

that is a truly expansive concept to wrap one's head around so let's use a well know example : the dream.

from whence does it draw it's truth ? obviously from the power of your mind.  and where do all the characters, scenery and activities in that dream eventually find their salvation, in your waking up from that dream.  
do the characters in that dream know they are in a dream ? do they feel they are real and what is happening to "them", while you dream in bed, important and of consequence ? are they lost in the void of an inexplicable death when you wake ?

so within your mind lies the truth ( that it is only a dream ), that all the becomings ( the ongoings of life of those within the dream ) and all the possibilities and eventualities of every aspect of that creation is simply your dream - your expression - borne of you and eventually to be absorbed back into you.

your Being within the dream is comprehensive,  all is you at all times while you dream, and not piecemeal; you do not give life or extend of yourself to different parts of your dream at different times.

this is an example indicative of the thought at hand and is not a comprehensive explanation of it...


if we are to accept that there is a God, then we must naturally stem from such a Being for there is no other Source.
there is nothing to be gained by Him since all is Him already.
so this is a journey ever homeward bound - an apparent free will of thought which finds its expression in a fate that is to eventuate in Him alone, as there can be no other destination.

therefore, despite the appearance of events either clashing or balancing within an infinite realm of possibilities, none are truly effective - as in, nothing we do can happen outside of Him; in as much that no character in your dream can walk out of your projection and choose to be something else in some other reality or function with it's own set of "laws of being".

this does not give you license to do whatever you want cos "God made me to do it" - rather, this is to inspire you to see His Expression in every sight, sound, being and action - Live as a witness to His Glory and most importantly, live in Peace... everything is as it should be.

Pleasant dreams :)

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  1. such a peaceful morning. i am feeling so calm, reading your blog, thank you for writing