Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i rotate my vacations: beach side, adventure, nature and historic.  historical ones are my favorite - there is something about being able to touch and be absorbed into an ancient past ... and those magnificent ruins; if they are so moving now, imagine their potency when first created.

unfortunately, we are not so lucky - we do not get more majestic nor awe-inspiring the more ruined we get.  fractured personalities do not evoke a sense of romanticism in others; most are simply pitied.

but isn't everyone broken in some way?  emotionally scarred with open wounds from the past and becoming ever fearful of the shadows that may pounce upon us in the dark alleys of an unknown future - entities, living yet in ruins ...

it doesn't get easier  the older one gets for the senses weaken and feed increasingly incorrectly perceived  data to a mind that is losing its grip of its own sense of self... all this steadily becoming the decoration of your personal garden of ruin.

a mind knows only its own point of view - to this mind, its point of view is the only truth - all else is hearsay; one may take it into consideration, but it can never be true to you if you do not know it for yourself.

this is so important that there is simply no way to over emphasize it !

hence, practice what you claim to believe - live it - live it - live it... it has to be true to your own mind.  no one else can get in there !  no one else can make it true for you - so practice whatever it is you believe in; live it diligently, live it daily, live it completely.

liars, smokers, gamblers, alcoholics practice diligently and proudly wear their labels :
"hi, my name is Tom and i am an addict !"

why is the opposite so hard ?  "hi, my name is Susan and my life is glorious !"

if a truth is not ingrained into you through a life time of living it, how will it help you when you need it most ?

it may be a long process:  build the canoe, learn to paddle, practice the motion until you are skilled at it, choose the river you wish to travel, take the canoe there, get into it, start paddling and then and only then, will you be able to navigate that river and its unexpected dips or falls and yet enjoy the experience and thrill of getting to your destination.

today is a good day to start - your mind, your truth, your strength, your journey...

live well.

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