Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Head for the Hills !

Today marks the day my Master left his physical expression.

He studied under conditions that we would consider difficult. He then circled the globe countless times in his effort to share what he had "experienced".  He could have easily stayed put in the lap of the Himalayas, isolated from all this daily chaos, suspended in His Bliss but He didn't... His was a life of tireless activity.

yet there are so many today, despite their valiums and prosacs, that constantly bleat out their misery and scream their longing to run to the thousand and one ashrams where they hope to find nirvana.  

they say they are tired of the world, they want peace, they see no purpose in their work and it goes on...

ashrams are good - one can get recharged, inspired to continue .. but they are not to be regarded as spas !
they are institutes of learning - study, understand, practice and evolve ...

to come back and seek delight in an object of desire will find you constantly void of a sense of fulfillment - the joy in not in the object itself but in having the vision of seeing the Absolute expressing Itself in that object - this perception of Unity is essential... for nothing exist outside of Him !  once this is established within as a truth, then we hold the whole universe in the palm of our hand - we no longer "need" anything and objects lose their sway over our salivating minds.

those who Know and walk amongst us do so not for any personal gain - they are already complete -  there is no desire prompting their "action";  theirs is an experssion of the merging of the once individual will into the total Cosmic Will.

hence, there is no need to head to the hills to avoid action, act you must - but do so without identifying oneself with the act - know Him as the Doer and the power that enables the Doing ...

Witness Him in all and then surrender all "your" actions and the fruits thereof at His feet ...

live well.

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