Wednesday, August 10, 2011


i love looking at the rain when i am cosy in bed, in a cool room.  big drops falling from incredible height through a vast expanse of space.   from my vantage point it's all very wonderful and romantic.

however, let's step into the shoes of one single raindrop for a minute - imagine life from his point of view...

an undifferentiated part of an unimaginable vast ocean - immersed in the whole and encompassed by the whole - complete within the resting place of all water.

then one day, a part of that vast rises as vapor; condensation at high altitude, compression into clouds, but roaming the skies in joy and then - it all changes..
suddenly a tiny droplet forms out of the whole, and in time, it falls - perhaps back into the ocean to merge instantaneously back into the whole or perhaps into to pigsty !  it may take years of further rains to lift that one drop out onto a tiny string of liquid dirt - it gets caught up into innumerable blockages before joining a stream that may one day join a river where it may get sucked into a vortex which may perhaps only release it after several storms.  this little raindrop then flows finally to the ocean - back home now and part once again of the whole.  

yet at which part of this journey was it not water ?

had it know that from ocean to vapor to drop and then stream to river and back to ocean, it's apparent trauma was only due to its forgetfulness that it was merely various expressions of water and water, itself, pervaded it at all times, it could have enjoyed the entire experience, secure in the truth that its source, goal and various manifestation in between were all one and the same in essence.

non apprehension ( understanding ) of the Truth lead to misapprehension and all the ensuing misery.

Know you are That and That alone - then rest in Consciousness...

live well.

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  1. The space in the Pot is nothing but the space outside... yet the pot space feels limited... almost trapped... Its true that its non apprehension of the Truth yet everyday at some point or the other we are trapped...

    Today I am not feeling well.... my personal consciousness is hovering around the state of my well being... I want to break that pot and Know that that is really not me.. Its never was... and never will be..

    Many discussions have been had about the How? Like you said in an earlier post.. we have to do just DO IT!

    We must