Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Installment Plans

what is this fascination with the the phrase "one day..."  why not "NOW!"

it seems even god is now a lay-away plan ... i will offer this, and pray there and vow this and one day, i hope to know god...

i can understand if we are talking about a disease; i will avoid fatty foods, drink less alcohol, not smoke, exercise more and hopefully void cancer !  this, i can get ... but why not feel the urge to know god right here, right now !

i will go to church next sunday, i will go on pilgrimage when i am 60... huh ?

the future will eventually become today and then what ? what would have changed ?  aside from the fact you will be older, more frail, less attentive and closer to death... a bucket punched full of holes, oozing out your essence at every moment - eyes darting around for more acquisitions, ears glued to your cell phones, tongues waging out rumors - all your senses seeping out Life until you are empty and dry.

so why not now ?

in truth, there is nothing to do.  perhaps you feel the effort towards god is too much - a herculean task for which you are ill prepared - but what do you have to do ?

in Silence, His presence is simply to be recognized ... not gained, for it was always there;
the sun does not wait for you to open your eyes before it sheds its light - it is ever present - open your eyes, and voila - instant illumination

Doing is an external act which requires exertion whereas Being is an internal experience of Silence - where is there to go, what is there to do ? simply witness Him - flowing through what you consider to be you, into what you consider to be "other than you" - both are Him alone... just know this to be true and you dissolve into Him, your life now His expression and your Peace, complete and perpetual.

there is no installment plan for God - He is the ultimate cash and carry deal !

live well.

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  1. Well, I guess it is a manufcturing defect! Man never lives in the moment...he seems to always live in the future....or more devastatingly in the past....

    only if what you write could be practised even for a moment, one shall feel "complete"...let us sincerely put forth an effort, no matter what the cost.