Friday, August 12, 2011

Way of Life.

i find that to be a fascinating phrase !

you are alive, you have a life ... now what to do with it ? get a job, make money, buy stuff, vacation from that life that you have made, and then repeat ...

that's the big picture of each one's life.  yet within that framework, you have all that daily stuff ... the things that end up defining who we are - whether it is charity or crime, yoga or drugs, meditation or abuse - the label tagged onto us due to our "way of life"

so why do we do or not do something ? why smoke if it's gonna kill you ?  why help those you have never met ? why have faith in a god you cannot see ?

most things or persons are first brought into your peripheral awareness and if your senses are attracted or repulsed by tickling of the senses, the mind will linger upon it. this lingering then finds an intellectual acceptance or rejection - at this stage, a choice has been made and this will be imprinted upon your psyche - you may accept a philosophy or reject smoking, etc.  Presto! you now have a addition to your bag of goodies, the sum total of which becomes YOUR way of life.

one can intellectually rationalize anything !  this means you can defend any lifestyle ... even one in which you know yourself to be miserable - yet you persist in your way of life to perpetuate that misery.. why ?

should anyone try to engage you in an intellectual debate upon the merits of an alternative way of life, it will probably be deflected without consideration for now, from a mere peripheral lingering, your way of life has transformed into your very nature and we all know how we can be pitiful victims of this deep rooted core being.

it's in my nature, i can't help it !  i didn't mean to, i'm sorry, i don't know what came over me... too late, damage done !

way of life... who knew each seemingly benign step could pave such a long road of unending repercussions.

this could be really wonderful if it is in your nature to help or be positive or even to evolve but what if it's just the opposite ?  what if you have forged your "nature" into something so dark, so self-destructive that the "you" inside is screaming to stop and break free but unfortunately you are imprisoned in this chamber of horrors, cemented by your own intellectual justifications ?  

be mindful of that mind of yours and tread very very carefully.

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