Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Personal

ever use the phrase, "Me, Myself and I !"  
it is usually used when either doing something only for oneself, or by oneself - stating unequivocally that only 1 person is being considered, me !

however, there is a fundamental philosophical truth therein.

if one ever decides to take that first step ( of a thousand steps, as it were ), where do we start ?  with "me", of course .. not us, but me !

each of us has to walk our own path .. we may bump into other people once in a while ( they come, they go ), but essentially, it is a solitary path taking us to an ultimately solitary Goal.

now i have me, but what do i do with me ?   "me" may be not think myself to be God material ... may not even have a grasp of the fundament concept of what "god" is ..

here we have to take an unabashed, brutally honest look at myself - who and what comprises this creature named "john" or  "paul" ?  peel off the layers that are merely dust covers of the rich content that is so vigorously  protected ... am i my name, am i my attributes, do i exist on a purely physical or animalistic level, do i spend a lifetime seeking to satisfy an emotional need , do i wander aimlessly in a smokey mind of inexhaustible thoughts - who am i ?  and why am i not happy in the pursuits i, myself, chose to undertake ? or am i happy wallowing in my misery ?  do i want more than what my life comprises of right now ?

and then the "I" - the ultimate Goal ... there has been enough said of this so repetition is unnecessary .. 

apply this "me, myself and I" philosophy in a new light : whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we all walk alone .. best to know who we are walking with and even more importantly, where we are going :)

live well.  

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