Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sum of the parts..

i have often heard it say that "the sum of the parts is greater than the whole".

does that apply to a given philosophy or belief system ?

if all stems from One Source, then if we add up all the manifestations of that One, does it exceed the One ?
probably not.

so we have a bit of a mathematical conundrum - for millennium, sages and seers, prophets and sufis have declared, He is within, search and you will find, etc., etc., etc.   so everything outside put together is not equal to Him, yet a hitherto unknown force within me ( which is incidentally also a part of the everything outside ), can lead me to all of Him ?

how delightfully curious :)

this driving force is an integral self knowledge, an intuitive truth - a sort of base code in our programming; we evolve to a certain point and the software is auto-activated. we are almost compelled to know... who am i !  

hence, for those in whom this urge has not been activated, they cannot be forced to search for, nor to believe in any concept of a god - let them be, their time will come when it comes.

for those in whom this urge is blossoming - assist and encourage them if you can. it is not the path but the destination that is of importance so let not over-zealousness dampen their curiosity, let them choose their own path.

for those in whom the urge is overwhelming, who have made their life a journey inward and have found the Source - they are Masters and now exist in Awareness of the One at all times. sit by their feet and learn from them.

ultimately it is never about the logic of existence for that will always be limited by the constraints of the mind - this Wisdom stands at the threshold beyond the boundaries of conceptualization : the finite cannot ever equate to the Infinite whereas the Infinite can "contain" within itself and exude from itself all of finitude and yet ever remain complete and Infinite - again, how delightful :)

live well.

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