Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

they say the eyes are windows to the soul ... not sure about that since the eyes will close one day and the window will shatter but not so the soul... but that's a discussion for another day.

what about the eyes that are vibrant, your eyes ... what do they see ?  well obviously the world, but perhaps i should re-phrase - HOW do they view the world ?  the images are static, totally irrelevant, in fact.
how they are interpreted by the bundle of what makes up your personality is what's pertinent.

i see a porche, i get excited !  you may see the very same porche and get extremely agitated !  it reminds you of the argument you had with your wife about whether the dashboard should be yellow or not, or a million other disagreements ... the porche is as it was, parked on the curb, uninvolved and without blame for either my excitement nor for your agitation ...

this illustrates one very simple truth - what one experiences within, that alone he experiences outside.

observe how you react to situations as you would watch a movie ( this requires a certain amount of courage ).  if you want to truly progress in life, you must first make progress within - an angry person deals with a world full of conflict and discord; a moderate person has his fair share of ups and downs while the one who has found true inner tranquility finds peace everywhere in the world - he need not run to the caves of the himalayas to hunt for that elusive experience of nirvana for he lives it daily in his core being.

his expression of peace is natural - not merely for public show.
his lives not through fear of loss nor anxiety for gain - he lives established in the truth that there is no Other, so what is there to gain or lose - this is equanimity of mind - an enlightened soul.

enhance this peace within, and watch your world - for that is truly the mirror of yourself.

just as the scent of  a flower extends in all directions, your world is simply an expression of your scent... whether it is uplifting and magical or whether it is putrid and nauseating is completely up to you.

live well.

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