Sunday, July 31, 2011


i was watching tv and heard an interesting statement;
everything said about us is simply a commentary on the way our life is perceived by others ...

now that may sound like a " well, of course ! " type of statement, but let's review the implications ...

what most deem as "life" are the experiences we pile on to our sense of being, breath after breath after breath ..  and then we die.   this is what we call life ... a hoarding of memories - we plan tomorrow so next week we can look back and say, i remember the day i did that...

if we get famous, earn a phd or become bad parents then all the praise, accolades or judgement is commentary from others .. but doesn't part of our precious life then go in producing commentary on someone else's life, and doesn't part of his go on judging another's existence and so on and on and on ...

therefore, between growing up, sleeping, falling ill and fading away, we seem to be left with precious little time to actually live and of course, everyone has a different definition on what it is to truly be alive; action junkies, entrepreneurs, philosophers, scientists and men of god - all claim to have life "figured" out !  and then, they die.

so all we really only know is this : we are blessed with life - right now we are experiencing the greatest miracle in all of creation - right now, this instant, we are oozing with an unknown, undefinable power of being self aware of our own right to share in this universe.

don't waste it !
don't worry about the commentary of your life and live it instead ..

live it on your own terms: either with abandonment or within your own beliefs - in any way you choose and be ready to face the consequences that your choices may bring..

but most importantly, live it with the awareness that you are alive and as such, you are blessed.

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