Wednesday, July 27, 2011


i have been questioned on several occasions, "Oh, you didn't write anything today ?"

well, if it wasn't posted, i guess i didn't ... so i stay silent and then within seconds the next question is fired off :
"How come ?"

let's pause for a bit and review the process:

a page from a book is read.
the words tickle the mind, it expands and inspiration blossoms forth - now, i wish to share this joy while in the moment; so i try to wrap up the expansiveness of the concept into a little bite-size "food-for-thought" piece of candy that i hope will be attractive enough for you to want to taste ...

the source of all inspiration is timeless ... it's expression is infinite.  however, the point of writing is never to impress the reader, it is to share in the glory of the source.

hence, in my own little vernacular, think through a thought until it is totally thunk !

this may, sometimes, take more than a day... sometimes, more than a lifetime.

so take it slow....

read - think - question - understand and then live it ... every day, every moment; live any 1 truth ... that's really all it takes.

1 truth lived truthfully.

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