Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Odd phrase, i know.

i associated unhappiness, sadness, hurt, etc as feelings associated with an individual entity.
for those who believe in their own personal god, most will jump on the "god is everywhere" bandwagon, which will inevitably lead you to one day ask, why am i unhappy or why did i get hurt, etc., for if god is everywhere and god is supposed to be bliss absolute, why am i not bathed in that bliss ?  shouldn't every atom of my being ooze happiness and bliss since i am part of that "everywhere" !

hence, my use of Not-happiness; as in, how does the phenomenon of a perceived state of imperfection on a cosmic scale arise within a framework of bliss ?

this is a really tricky, slippery slope to be tackling on blog and i am pretty sure whatever is written below will be subject to an avalanche of criticism but be gentle and kindly remember, the purpose of the blog is to rekindle an enthusiasm to study and move forward on your chosen path - it is not to preach a method, but to encourage you on your own journey of self-fulfilment so interpret the concept with your own faith and apply whatever may be useful, discard whatever you consider rubbish :)

back to Not-Happiness ...

if you are a hindu, you can fall back on Karma
or a christian can revert to original sin and god's mercy or wrath
and every other faith has their reasonings for why bad things happen.

but all this is ultimately an interpretation of an observed phenomena by our minds.  but what happened before the mind even was - what "started the ball rolling" as it were...

if He is All, then that All has within Itself, the potential and as its very substratum, a capacity of infinite diversity of which our being / sense of self, is an infinitesimal expression.   ( words are very limiting so pause and try to grasp the sheer magnitude of such an Expression of the Absolute )

hence, you do not belong to yourself.  this "yourself", itself, belongs to Him expressing within the framework of infinite diversity ( good AND evil, happiness AND sadness ).

if one can look within, through the grime of your personality ( likes/dislikes, wants and expectations ), and glimpse this very Substratum, then, in a flash, everything changes !

then you "see" God and once that vision has been bestowed upon you, Bliss becomes your nature and Not-Happiness, too, is seen as His Expression while he plays this cosmic game.

yes, He is Everywhere, all you need to do is actually SEE HIM EVERYWHERE !

live well.


  1. human problem seems to be too many assumptions and presumptions and our total incapacity to see life as it is.
    One thing may make sense: see and experience what sustains life. That's probably one way to cheat 'death' (not of the body but of the mind). Once this phantom of our imagination dies, all fragmentation disappears and infinity/immortality/unity happens. In that state there is no seer and no God to be seen! Vedanta thunders: "I am that I am".


  2. You do not need to see Him for Faith in itself is believing what you do not see. And if He were not everywhere, then where would we be? For He loves us more than we can ever love unconditionally a child and Holds us In His Care when we cannot see and sometimes have little faith.
    So Love Strong and Keep the Faith.