Thursday, July 21, 2011

Right AND Wrong

here is a fun one !

every one has his own set of parameters of what falls into this category .. so who is right and who is wrong :)

if you follow a religion, sect or even if you are your own god; guide lines are set out both explicit and implied.. so if right is right and wrong is wrong, why the dispute and unending controversy ?  why do the lines blur even within our own "belief" framework ( evidenced through our sense of guilt ) and ultimately, why do we fail ourselves ...

let's start with the broad strokes :

we are all different; true as we obviously we have different bodies, our mental make ups differ and our intellectual concepts that steer us through the waters of our individual lives vary greatly.

we are all one; again true since the "I" who know knows the above 3 are different seems to permeate from the same source and we all seem to feel that sense of "I Am" the same way.

now, equating the above two, the ONE expressing through the many seems to exhibit an infinite combination and permutation of what comprises everyone's individual sense of "me" or of " who i am-ness " : what  an apparent mess !

now, back to right and wrong.

so you have a base line and an infinite set of variables emanating from this base line ; hence, each one has a shared inkling of what is right and wrong without any need of justification for the same ; many times you will say, "I just know this is wrong" or "..but it's the right thing to do!"

however, what about the times it's not so clear - when it's not just black and white ?

here, if you have developed the courage to be honest with yourself ( forget all the "others" and "buts" ) - just the You tapping into the One; dissect the motive of what you are about to do -  for an action by itself can never be considered good or bad : a doctor may slit you down your chest (to save your heart) , a madman may also slit you ( to torture and kill you ) - the act of carving up your body is the same but the motive?  quite different !!

herein lies the secret : do not evaluate an action on mere face value, there must be an honest, sincere investigation of the principle behind its execution ( hopefully by tapping into the ONE spirit that you sense truly pervades all  )  - this is where the right or the wrong of the action rests.

live well.

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  1. Indeed, intention behind the action is a reasonable test of right and wrong. Also if it leaves a scar on your conscience then you need to re-evaluate the validity of that action!

    On the other hand if you are firmly rooted in the "ONE" then action just happens and gets routed thru you. It is no longer your action to be judged as right or wrong