Thursday, July 14, 2011


here is a wonderful metaphor i read this morning:

cease to interfere in the shadow-play of nature on the Silver Screen of God.

how marvelous :) and how poetic - unfortunately, that is where most will stop, and the day goes on, in complete forgetfulness of this gem of instruction - the reason ? because few will be able to grasp the subtle nuance of what is being advised and towards what end.   it is a lot easier to do something when you know why you are doing it - don't eat fatty foods; why ? cholesterol = heart attack = misery and death.  simple and easy.  thank you but i'll take the salad instead !

however, what is it that is being advised here?

one must, by diligent cultivation, garner a vision of the Whole Picture ( keeping in line with the metaphor ).

the individual spark of Consciousness is within us all.

that same Consciousness appears to "create", "sustain" and  "dissolve" all in conjunction with their "nature" or what is termed in vedantic philosophy as their "guna".

hence, there is an apparent double feature for all to enjoy ...

he who is able to see past the shimmering images, the song and dance, the surprise plot twists and the sad ( or happy ) endings will be able to sit back and truly enjoy the show!  it is happening is a very different attitude from it is happening to me !   

work and live joyously but within, be established in Truth ; therein lies a life free from likes/dislikes, pain/pleasure : witness it all in silent awareness.

be aware of the string of Consciousness through it all ( as the wire that runs through a string of pearls ) : the same substratum finding expression as you the individual, the same substratum unfolding as the world as we know it :  know it to be all One and then truly enjoy His Magnificence ...

on the outside, act and be dutiful to your role in life; inside see His Play - not with suppress or repression but with an established understanding : soon the show will end and you will go Home.

live well.

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