Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take your Medicine !

we can all hear the echos of our mother's voice even today .. running after us with that deep red syrup threatening us with all sorts of punishments if we didn't stop and take our medicine.

seems decades later, our benevolent sages are still doing the same : preaching the wisdom of the ages and pleading with us - don't just listen and forget ; you have to do it !

sit quietly, withdraw your senses, quieten the mind, and then ... allow yourself to be absorbed into that Silence.

every stage may, at first, seem to be an impossible struggle : sit quietly - the minute we sit, a flood of a million unrelated thoughts will start bouncing off the wall of our mind - an uncontrollable chaos

withdraw your senses : with all 5 senses having had free reign your entire life, that is a tall order indeed !

so how do we do this : practice !

it is the same for any endeavor, whether learning to ride a bicycle or run a marathon - learn the basic principles and then practice.

every faith has their own avenue ... don't let the words of what is being described bog you down : try and experience WHAT is being described.

the medicine, laying still in the bottle, in not going to cure you - you have to take the medicine !

the paths have been laid out, the signboards have been erected, the check post guards have been posted to  continually point you in the right direction ; all you have to do is start walking !

live well..

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  1. Yes indeed! Practice is the key word...a million times we must have fallen on all fours before we could stand and take one step straight up: But then what joy must we have felt when finally we stood up on our two legs!!

    Even a tiny glimpse of the Spirit will be worth a whole life's effort in that direction: That seems to be the solemn promise of Vedantic Masters