Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where do i find me ?

have you realized how we are constantly doing stuff ?  all the time, non-stop ... but hang on, who is doing the doing ?

i can see my fingers typing right now, sensations of the keypad texture being carried to my brain... i am aware of that... and now my intellect is trying to phrase the next sentence, i am aware of that too... so .. i am not in my fingers, not in my brain ( mind ) and not in my intellect as i am aware of all three... and an object of my awareness cannot be me .. so where am i ?

how strange, i am lost to myself !

my fingers type, not me.
my mind is pondering, not me
my intellect is rationalizing, not me

i can see it all happening ... i am aware of it all ... so what component of this awareness of all this other "doing" is me ?

so not only do i not know where i am, i don't even know who i am !

obviously without life, we cannot function.. but it seems that while we function, this Life principle does not get involved... electricity is prevalent, one may plug in a microwave or a microscope, the results produced are of no concern to the electricity - it empowers both, lends itself to both and yet is not involved in the results produced by either.

how does this information help us ?

if one can be aware that Consciousness IS ( like electricity in the example above )  and that without it, no thing can happen or be, then the way in which we do things will change.

we can work with an awareness that supercedes our need to worry about the fruit of our actions and revel in the experience of that Consciousness;  here, work itself turns into worship.

to gear ourselves to "see" that expression of Life in every moment is to truly tune into that Consciousness and then, in every instant, do you know Who you are and Where you are -

live well.

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