Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hate and other Negativities

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

standing in front of The Pietà one can only marvel at God's hand working through Michelangelo's.. it is sublime ... i must have stood in front of it for 45 minutes and still, still it was not enough ... there are not enough adjectives to adequately communicate the experience - and that is what it is, you do not simply view this masterpiece, you experience it.

understanding that the good is God's expression is easy for you are uplifted and your soul soars !  

but what about the not so good, the horrors, the unadulterated evil ... to whom do we attribute that ?

Christian belief has its concept of Satan and his temptations
Hindus have Karma and those who do bad must reap their consequences so bad things happen to bad  people ...

there is a common adage, one cannot understand the ways of god.  in fact, there are probably a million adages in every religion, sect or system of belief and non-belief ...  but how does that help us ?  platitudes are just that, little pats on the back and a gentle, " it's ok .. " They are of no real use !  

so let's start with a "given" that can apply universally and take it from there:

SOMETHING must have started it all.   even for those ascribing to the chaos theory, the materials to have been thrown into chaos must have first existed somehow.
Every effect has a cause.
for ease of communication, and since words are all we have at our disposal, i will use the term Consciousness.  again, words like "start" etc are all limited in their ability to express an infinite concept so don't get hung up on the words... just flow with the concept...

now, Consciousness as the substratum or Source, "creates" out  of Itself, for there is no "other" to draw from.

flash forward to today and we are bogged down in the mire of "our" "own" thoughts - we, each one of us, tries to objectify the very Source from which we have sprung and to add to that folly, upon That, we impose our concept of right and wrong, love and hate, etc.   slowly now, who is this "we", what powered the process we call "thinking" and by which power did that thinking transform into any concept whatsoever...

the conceptualization or objectification of Consciousness is like the bulb in the torch trying to describe to a dark room the design of the batteries that power it.  take out the batteries and lay them bare in front of that tiny bulb and in an instant, the lights go out .. how is the bulb ever to illuminate that which powers it ?

so go back to step one.

all that is, is Consciousness - it permeates in and through all that is and all that can be ever be imagined - there is naught else - period !

what "we" view, are all merely "modifications" interpreted by "our" minds - all that we assign to ourselves and to "others" is also just Consciousness - hence, who is hating whom ?  who is afflicting evil upon what ?  within Infinitely, an infinite variety expresses Itself - there can be nothing "outside" of It.

if a drop of blood is transported from my foot to my brain, have I lost any blood ?  it is all contained within me ... 

Division is a function of the mind which has wrapped itself up in delusion.  like the schzophrenic that sees danger everywhere, we live is this concept of the other, no longer aware that there can be no "other" - ONE alone Is.

it is God's game, played within Himself ...  play your role, without ego or a sense of do-er-ship ... without volition nor apathy ... feel Him flow through you, doing what comes naturally and judge not.

be aware, and be free ..  let not anything have a hold on you for you are an expression of the Infinite itself, as is everything else :)

live well.

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