Saturday, July 30, 2011


If one is given a map of the United States and requested to plot a course to Las Vegas, the first question would naturally be " where am i on this map ?"  for if you are in San Francisco, you head east while if you happen to be in New York, you have a long journey westward.

before any sincere spiritual journey may be embarked upon, this self evaluation is critical and only you can truly evaluate yourself - you may present any picture of yourself to the world but the real you is known only to yourself.

next, you need to be aware of the goal - while books may use every adjective conceivable to describe what you think you want,  seated at the feet of the Master, you may, should you be sincere, glance at what Is through His eyes for He exists within what you seek.  He Knows and He will be the inspiration to sustain you on your journey.

there may be 5,000 years of knowledge, commentaries and words directing you but words alone cannot place salvation on a platter for you.  they cannot even adequately describe a sunset, what is there to speak of when it comes to the creator of the sun itself.

the sieve of all this data has to be your guide; the one who understands not only your capacity but the circumstances within which you will begin this journey of self discovery.  he may, himself, be a master or an advanced seeker...

having found a direction, do not get trapped by the words for on their own, they are useless - bring them into your life; live them, breath them in, let them find their expression in your every act... this is study - not reading and memorizing simply to quote back - there is no one to impress here - this is your journey back to your Self .. and it is a solitary path.

there should be no anxiety, over zealousness or fanaticism ..  you are heading home - stroll leisurely and smell the flowers along the way - let there always be a smile ... leave others be .. they will find their own way home when the time is right.

once you are ready, He will come again - for His forms are infinite and it is He alone that flows through every Master ... He may look the same or He may look different ( depending on how long it took you to get ready ) - and in His Presence, through His Inspiration, you will take flight ... rising past the craving for objects, unfettered by the tempest of emotions and dropping the shackles of intellectualizing - you recognize you are what you seek.  you are now All that Is.

live well.

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