Sunday, July 17, 2011

Everywhere is Everywhere

it is all well and good to say God is everywhere... but why do we not experience this ?

we all know that to see anything in particular, we need a specific type of vision; with objects illuminated by sunshine, our eyes are enough... however, there are special add-on's for infra-red, heat emanations, night vision, etc.

the same applies to this concept of "seeing" god ...

so how do we experience his omnipresence - this everywhere ?

if you hold the seed of an apple tree in your hand, all you tend to see is the seed itself.  few have the capacity to expand their vision to encompass the potentiality of the seed ; to visualize the sapling, then the tree, the flowers, the fruits and their seeds leading to the entire apple grove.

to expand this further, within every atom, there exists this expression of Infinite Consciousness - and as this Consciousness is indivisible, there is, in essence, no diversity.  Time, Space, Motion and Action are all just aspects, as branches are aspects of the tree...

hence, if every particle is pervaded by God, then what is laid out in front of you are just varying aspects of that one single Consciousness with the potentiality to express itself as anything and everything !

all you need to do is to be aware of it ...

currently we see through the lens of our muddied mind filled with pre-conditions and judgement - we are using the wrong equipment and hence, are unable to see what we seek just as you cannot see infrared with dark sunglasses - it would then be foolish to declare " there is no such thing as infra red ! "

purify the mind, all the methods have been laid bare in every religion - practice them, elevate yourself  and with an enlightened vision, verily all you will see is God Everywhere... Omnipresent, Omnipotent : for all of creation is totally permeated with this One Infinite Consciousness !

live well.


  1. someone please tell us how to purify the mind and correct the vision!

  2. soak it in CHARDONNAY and change the GLASSES