Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Man in the Mirror

to judge others seems to be a universal flaw within the matrix of the mind.

we seemed compelled to comment or impose our value system on others, and conversely, be the object of assessment as well ...

here is another leaky pipe in our life force - this mental dissipation; drying out our potential and leaving us as withered, fractured personalities.

why do we do this ?

simply put, we lack vision - there is no higher calling to serve humanity as a whole or to evolve beyond our petty confines of our body, mind, intellect make up.

the path of least resistance is always downwards and so too is it with ourselves.

if we were to pause, and actually assess ourselves against the measures we so easily impose on others, we would undoubtedly fall painfully short !   but who has the courage to do this ?  who will stand naked in front of the mirror of his own soul and truly look at that mangled mess that makes up our tortured persona ?

it is far easier to belittle others -

the few who do possess that mental stamina to engage their own personalities are able to forge forward in their search for what truly matters.   the natural question to follow would be "so what truly matters" ?
but that would be putting the cart before the horse.

personality integration is the first step.  look within, look long and look hard.
are you ok with what you see ... do you feel content, do you feel lost, are you capable of loving, is there an emptiness, are  you constantly just trying to fill time, are you ok when you are alone ( just quiet - not reading or on your ipad )

lots of questions - and this is important !

question yourself - spend time with yourself

only when you know where problem lies, can a solution be sought.
only when you are whole, can you move forward...

the paths are many, the goal is one - but to take that critical step, to even have the motivation to take that first step, YOU must be available to yourself... so ask yourself, are you worth the effort ?

live well.

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