Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This Moment

life is for the living.

the dead and the unborn have no use for it.

most of us, however, seem to prefer the above 2 rather than actually living life.

for when we do , it is with a crippling fear or agitation borne out of the dead or unborn, what in layman's terms would be the past or hope.

all action done in the past layer onto our personality an imprint. this imprint would be simplistically labeled as our ego-sense : i did this !  do you know who i am ?  i have achieved that !   all actions done in the past, glued together, seem to be what we call up to gauge our self worth or self esteem and what we take great pleasure in ramming down other people's throats.

what we plan to do, and of course we must all plan, is the etching we scribble of the road we hope to walk down in the future ... though whether such a road will ever materialize is of no guarantee and in most, instead of grounding us with purpose, this unknown future overwhelms us with anxiety : "what if" it isn't so.

so in the swamp of our mind, with its countless thoughts, we try to wade through the mire of our dead past and our unborn future ... both now devoid of the spark of life.  this is invariably how our present is extinguished  ... then at journey's end, we lament " life just passed me by " - there is no mystery here ... of course it did !

what is the solution to this dilemma ?

renounce both : stop the avenues of dissipation of your very life force.

if you plant the seeds of a mango tree, one cannot expect peaches ...

hence what has been done, will bear its own fruit.  nothing can change that.  so your present moment is an expression of your entire past bearing its cosmic fruit.  how you act ( not react )  upon what life lays at your feet today, will be the seeds being sown at this very moment, and they, too, will inevitably be the bricks and mortar used to lay the road to your future.

so be in the moment, still your mind and act with all the grounding of your faith - without arrogance or a sense of self ( letting that ego go ).  religions are many, but spirituality is universal ... within your own belief, live every breath as a beacon of an expression of that Spirit.  lay your labour at his feet - then there is no anxiety of what the future may bring : let whatever come, come as His gift to you... you have done your bit, now let Him do His :)

live well.

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